Swiss Company Soraix Set to Transform Stock Exchanges with Blockchain-Based ETO Platform

Swiss Company Soraix is leveraging blockchain technology to solve the major challenges that traditional stock exchanges are presently experiencing. Through a digital asset exchange and equity token offering platform (ETO), Soraix is determined to change the status quo. Created by commodity traders, these solutions will be built with the interests of traders in mind.

Raising Capital Made Easier

Traditional stock exchanges are still using 20th-century technology to execute trades despite the existence of new technologies. In addition, these exchanges only operate during business hours and they lockout small and medium-sized businesses from launching initial public offerings (IPOs).

To change this, Soraix will leverage blockchain technology to create a transparent and secure digital asset exchange and ETO platform where trades take place 24/7. Companies of all sizes from all over the world will have the opportunity to raise capital thanks to the significantly lower listing fees compared to those of traditional stock exchanges.

“We will offer private companies the ability to raise funds by enabling them to issue equity tokens on our Swiss digital exchange platform. Our users will be able to purchase these equity tokens, enabling the issuing company to raise capital without the prohibitive expenses associated with an IPO. These equity tokens will then be traded on our exchange against other equity tokens, cryptocurrencies, and various digital assets as well as fiat currencies,” Soraix explains in its whitepaper.

Furthermore, blockchain technology will provide transparency and security to the Soraix platform, thereby, eliminating high-frequency trades and market manipulation trends common with traditional stock exchanges. The Soraix next-generation digital asset exchange and ETO platform will also ensure faster execution of trades.

SRX Token

Soraix has designed the SRX token to be issued in limited supply and to be pegged to something of value; crypto and fiat currencies fail in these two aspects.

SRX will be pegged 1:1 to a segment of equity tokens on the ETO platform. This means that the “demand for the SRX token will remain strong and poised to grow.”

“The SRX token will remain an undervalued asset as long as its value will remain below that of equity tokens traded on our site. This unique benefit offered exclusively by Soraix will enable anyone who holds the SRX token to often purchase digital equity tokens of companies at a significant discount, thereby in all likelihood continue pushing the value of the SRX token upwards,” the whitepaper reads.

SRX token investors will also share in the revenue generated from new ETOs launched on the platform.

Creating Trust and Awareness

Trust is of utmost importance to Soraix which is why the company has based its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland where regulations protect the interests of consumers.

In addition, companies interested in issuing ETOs on the Soraix platform will undergo a rigorous vetting process and will be expected to follow the Swiss legal framework. As a result, Soraix will only list on its exchange companies that comply with the required rules and regulations.

To promote wider blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption, Soraix will establish a learning academy for its global user-base. The academy will demystify blockchain and related technologies and advice on the best practices of safely investing in digital assets. To this end, Soraix will use original and brief entertaining videos and films. Moreover, the learning academy will be available in several languages to cater to the global audience.

With the financial industry adopting technology at a painfully slow pace, Soraix is looking forward to making a substantial change in this sector with its blockchain-based digital asset exchange and ETO platform. You are invited to participate in making this goal a reality through the upcoming initial coin offering (ICO) scheduled to start on August 2019.

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